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Offer: Roller shutters
Integro system

The system is indented to be applied most of all in newly raised buildings, but also in already existing objects (after introducing the appropriate changes in the lintel area). It provides the optimum solution for designing engineers and the builders. The roller shutter box is invisible after plastering, and the other elements, such as access flap and the guide bars can be of the colour matching to the colour of the windows. The under-plaster elements of the Integro system do not interfere with structure of the window, door and the lintel, and therefore they do not disturb the energy balance of the whole building. In the Integro system, it is possible to produce the roller shutter being rolled only in the backward (counter-clockwise) direction.

In the Integro system, the roller shutter box is embodied underneath the existing lintel. At the same time, the front of the roller shutter box constitutes the base ground for any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker), thanks to which the box becomes the unnoticeable element of the building façade, constituting an integral part of the elevation. The modern structure of the Integro box allows performing the maintenance and servicing works on the elements of roller shutter mechanism, without disturbing the household members’ privacy. The Integro system provides perfect thermal and acoustic insulation because, as the additional closure of the opening, it does not interfere with structure of the lintel, window and door, and does not disturb their insulating properties at the same time.

Integro is a system possible to be used also in already existing buildings, during modernization works or with the exchange of windows. The flexibility of usage of this system is additionally emphasized by the fact that the Integro roller shutters are offered in a wide colour range, which allows matching to every elevation.

In the Integro system, we also offer the version with an anti-insect net, which during warm days, besides advantages mentioned above, provides the efficient protection against insects with maintaining the flux of light and the flow of fresh air to the inside.